ESPN’s Ultimate X, IMAX (Disney)
Shackleton’s Anarctic Adventure, IMAX (WGBH)
ROAR: Lions of the Kalahari, IMAX (Nat. Geo)
Adrenaline Rush, IMAX (Sky High Entertainment)
Roving Mars, IMAX (Disney)
Shrek3D, IMAX (10 minute re-animation in 3K 3D of original feature)
Vikings: Season 5 Preview Show, Editor, History Channel
Naked & Afraid XL - 52 Spots launching variation on series
CBS Sports, Bo Wallace, QB, ‘Ole Miss, Feature Story
NBA All Star Game, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Feature Story
ESPN/NFL, Joe Haden, Cornerback, Cleveland Browns, Feature Story
Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project street interviews, hosted by Ian Somerhalder
Nokia, Connecting People
Intel, Ulta Book Race, St. Petersburg, Russia
MSG/NY Knicks Garden Open
ESPN/Taken 2, CHI Bulls Mascot Promo
USA Networks/
Lindblad Expeditions
Baird & Co.
Trek Bicycles
University of Wisconsin Engineering Department
Discovery Channel/Bosch - Storm Chasers
BBC America: Lee Lee's Valise
Tiffany: A Night of Romance Promo
Picture Shack;
Washington Square Films: CA Technology Web Marketing Video
JWT: InStyle Magazine/DeBeers web video
Showtime: “Californication”; cast member podcasts;
   “The Heckler”; “Boxing Event promos”;
   “Tracey Ullman” online; “Sleepy Hollow”
Cheshire Films: Teen Vogue;
   “Rocks Meets Project Runway”;
   “Taylor Swift” Cover Page Story
20th Century Fox: “Transporter 2”; “Terry Bradshaw Tribute”
20th Century Fox & Chrysler Product Placement Sizzle”;
Skinny/NY: “Vodafone”
Quinn-Fable Advertising: “Microsoft”
Joey Company: “DenTek”
Lifetime: “Army Wives”
Seminole Warriors Boxing; “Fight Promos”
HBO: “HBO Latino” Movie specials
DCF Advertising: “Second Hand Smoke"
    New York City Department of Health
SELF Magazine: “Workout in the Park”
Bravo Group: “Maxwell House”; “U.S. Postal Service”;
   “AT&T”;   Fova: “Canon Rebel”; Cibonne: “Tropicana”; “Volvo”
McCabe & Co.: “First Federal Bank”
Reeves/Drake Advertising: “People’s Heritage Bank”
O’Neil Griffin Advertising: “New Hampshire Lottery”
Grey Advertising: “Grease”
Kang & Lee Advertising: “AT&T”
2014 Ironman Championships Preview Show, Editor, NBC Sports
2013 Ironman Championships, Kona, HI (Avid), ESPN International Show, Editor.
2013 Ironman Championships, Kona, HI (Avid/Red Rocket), NBC Show - Finish Editor.
Tunnel of Fire, Bike Week/CMT Television, Tupelo Honey.
Kimchi Chronicles/PBS, Episode five: Frappé Productions.
Moonshot (Hour 1 of 4) dir. Kirk Wolfinger, Emmy nominated, Peabody Award-winning
AMC Broadcast Films: Recut for Television
   (Apollo 13, Tomorrow Never Dies, Matchstick Men, Be Cool, Coogan’s Bluff,
   Von Ryan’s Express, Bridge on the River Kwai)
Jack Hanes Animal Adventures
Ben & Jerry’s 30th Anniversary Video, 10 minute, 
     5 video screen retrospective of the company
John P. McNaulty Prize, dir. George Moffly
Black Cowboys - Annenberg Space for Photography
William S. Paley Award for Showtime Networks, 
    with 20 years of Archival footage - Finish Editor
Tekturna, dir. Larry Robins (IMAX format), shot 4K on RED Camera
Roving Mars, dir. George Butler (IMAX format)
Kentucky Derby, dir. George Butler (IMAX format)
Sharks 3-D (IMAX format)
Solar Max (IMAX format)
Bugs3D!, (IMAX format)
Loch Lomand (IMAX format)
The Work and the Glory, Scott Swofford, Producer
Sandra Grace, “Stay with Me”
New Bomb Turks, "Hammerless Nail"
GE - global leadership meeting 2013 and 2014
Cook Medical, Sales Rep. Documentary shot on Alexa in Egypt
Deloitte, incoming CEO messaging.
ADP, client implementation testimonials.
Revlon UK, makeup tutorials with Gucci Westman
Andreessen Horowitz
Hightail (formerly YouSendIt)
Phillips New Network Weekly Broadcast
Charlie Kimball NovoLog® Promo
NovoLog® Patients Share Their Lives
Matlin-Paterson Asset Management: "Global Aviation Company Outlook Video"
Phillips Electronics: "Phillips News Network" Weekly Episode
Novo Nordisk: Victoza Product Launch
Bristol-Myers Squibb: Baraclude Marketing ReportWebMD: "Did You Know?"
Bard Pharmaceuticals: 38 Sales Rep Videos for Annual
Shionogi pharmaceuticals: Annual Meeting
Ethicon: Annual Meeting
Ben & Jerry’s: “Social Mission” video
Novartis: “Tekturna RepCasts for Web”
Lukoil: “Vice-President Presents”
AT&T: “Profiles in PersonaLink: The Movie”, “PersonaLink COMDEX Video”
Harvard Business School: “The Innovators Dilemma”, “Interactive Library Case Studies”
Gillette: “Mach 3 Product Launch”
LIMA Awards; “Highlights Video”
Wakefern; “Annual Meeting 2007, 2008”
Celgene; “2009 Award Winners”
Dexter Shoes: “The Attitudes Collection”
Marshalls: “Marshalls’ Holiday Extravaganza”
DEC: “The “A”Team Multi-Vendor Computer Systems”
ALPHA: The Next Generation”
MARCAM: “Welcome to Marcam”; “Marcam’s Global Reach”
Hewlett-Packard: “PA-8000 Product Intro”
Bank of Boston: “Where in the World is the Bank of Boston?”
Phillips/Van Husen: “Your Investment Future with Us”
Ziff/Davis: “Windows Sources Magazine”
Staples: “Stake in Staples”; “10 Minutes”
Morgan Steel: “Rolling your way to success”
Banyan System: “Sales Strategy”
BayNet: “The Intranet”
Rockport Shoes: “The Rockport Way”
Fuller: “Sex Survey/AIDS Awareness”
Smartroutes: “SmarTraveler”
Agfa: “New Product Launch: Second Wave”
House of Seagrams: “Getting Your First Job”
SODEXHO: “Your Health Care Value”
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